Dr. Gangopadhyay’s area of research is Theoretical Cosmology. Specifically, he likes to work in the interface of High Energy physics and Cosmology. He is interested to understand the dynamics of the nascent Universe by testing theoretical models with observational data, using cutting-edge computation and statistical modelling. At present, he is working on the formation mechanism of primordial black holes and gravitational waves in well-motivated theoretical backgrounds. He is interested in String cosmology and modified gravity models. He has more than five years of graduate and undergraduate teaching experience. Dr. Gangopadhyay was selected as an associate by the prestigious Indian Academy of Science in 2022. He is also an associate at IUCAA, India, and an INSPIRE faculty awardee.

Mayukh R. Gangopadhyay

Assistant Professor (Senior Grade)

  • PhD: University of Notre Dame, USA, 2017

  • Email: mayukhraj@gmail.com, mayukh_ccsp@sgtuniversity.org 

  • Mobile No: +91 9748255419

  • Research Interest:

  • Cosmic inflation and reheating.
  • String Cosmology.
  • Primordial Blackholes(PBHs), Dark Matter, Big bang nucleosynthesis (BBN).
  • Cosmic microwave background (CMB), Gravity Wave(GW).
  • Extensions of Standard Model of Particle Physics.

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