Dr. Nilanjana Kumar has research experience of more than 6 years in the areas of Particle Physics and High Energy Physics. She has done her PhD from Northern Illinois University, USA. She was D.S.Kothari Postdoctoral fellow at University of Delhi. Her research interest spans the area of Model Building in Beyond Standard Model theories such as Little Higgs and Composite Higgs Models. She has expertise in Collider Phenomenology at Large Hadron Collider and Future Linear Colliders and currently a member of International Linear Collider working group. Her current research interest also includes the study of Dark Matter(Boosted Dark Matter), heavy neutrinos, Primordial Black Holes and Baryogenesis in early universe. She is also experienced in Undergraduate and Graduate teaching. She has received prestigious Start-up Research Grant from SERB DST in 2022.

Nilanjana Kumar 

Assistant Professor (Senior Grade) 

  • PhD: Northern Illinois University (NIU), Dekalb, IL, USA, 2016

  • Email: nilanjana.kumar@gmail.com, nilanjana_ccsp@sgtuniversity.org

  • Mobile No: +91 8427669814

  • Research Interest:

  • Core Area: Particle Physics
  • Work area: Phenomenological aspects of Beyond Standard Model Physics, Collider Physics, Composite Higgs Models, Fermionic and scalar extensions of Standard Model, Anomalies in meson decays, Baryogenesis, Dark Matter, Study of effective potential.

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